Friday, July 6, 2012

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I guess It's time to redo this blog. I have no idea what happened to all my pictures...! Maddening...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bought Two More.....

I wanted some more bobbins, so what the heck...!   This will be it though....

 This one is made from 'English Yew' and they send the extra goodies with each one ordered....

And this one is 'Tulip Wood'.  I really like using these shuttles the best.  Both purchased from

Saturday, August 30, 2008

And Here They Are....Plus Lost Shuttle Now Received - One More!

Olive Wood

Now this one is, I'm pretty sure now, my last one.  I wanted some extra bobbins and just couldn't see ordering them by themselves....I guess it's time now that I put them to work.

 I had ordered a shuttle and a book, but when I received the order there was a damaged package and the shuttle wasn't there.  I contacted the supplier and now I have my lost shuttle....


Here is a picture from both the side and the top.  I really love this shuttle, but I just wish the hook was a little smaller.

                        Mock Ivory
This is another shuttle from After using these shuttles I really like them a lot.

       African Blackwood shuttle.  I ordered extra bobbins with this order.  I just found out that the little dowel that came with it inserted into the bobbin hole so you can wind the bobbin. It fits snug enough that you can just hold onto the dowel and fill it. Nice!

Ebony and Ash  I put a side picture below which shows the dot which appears on both sides. Again the tools come with it accept for the extra shuttles that I ordered.

* I had heard about them and then went searching. I mean, I never had a tool like this before and how could I order just one from so far away and in such a little package it could get lost, right? My favorite color is blue so that explains it for this one anyway. I thought I was done, but I still have two more coming.

This one is called Crushed Velvet and it also has a bobbin in it. It is actually a very dark blue.

This one is Zebrano.  This is the first one I've ordered that has one rounded end and I like using this one.

 I thought I was all done ordering shuttles until I saw this one. This is made out of sunflower seed husks and at the end is a piece of Mammoth ivory. So I ask, how could I resist it.

This shuttle is made of Rose wood. The picture of it on the right is just showing the piece of ivory at the end. I purchased this shuttle from Dave Stanbrough at Grizzly Mountain Arts. It seems that this one is a bit thicker than my other bobbin shuttles. I have not had time to actually compare them yet.

The blue shuttle is laminated over maple wood and the one below is done in Blood wood. I have now used the blue one and I just love the color and the feel of the shuttle. This was his last one like this.

This is made from Blood Wood.

This one is made out of Elks Antlers. I wish the font was a little smaller.

This is made from Orange Wood. Have now used this one and also like it.

These are the two shuttles that I found hidden and Randy said that he hasn't made a shuttle with a point in about five years. I must really start getting my stuff organized

I purchased these at the Lace Convention 2008 down in Rockford, IL. I have never used this type of shuttle, but was told that they are good when working with beads.

The shuttle below was special made for my lace group which is called the 'Lighthouse lancer's'. No one else will be able to get one of these with the same design on it.
Now I had a real problem when ordering these. First I ordered one, then I went back to order another and I couldn't decide which one, so I ordered two and then I saw another one forgetting how many I already had. They were just so beautiful to look at and I heard that when the thread goes through you can here a hint of a musical sound or chime like noise. I have not used them yet, but have just heard yesterday from someone else who purchased one that she like using it. I will just have to give it a try myself.

This is both the front and back of this shuttle. I have now used it and another one similar to this one on my latest motif where I used two shuttles.